NOVASIGMA TAX CONSULTANTS have helped hundreds of our clients to save normally over 150.000 EUR in taxes year after year after year. That’s over €1 million in just seven years, not counting any investment returns earned with that money! All our cases, these (100% legal) tax savings were the result of creating a through, well-thought-out Plan, followed by executing that Plan – THAT’S WHY WE ARE PROUD TO SAY “WE ARE THE FIRM BEHIND MILLIONAIRES”

For us the most enjoyable part is seeing ordinary entrepreneurs put massive amounts of money back in their pocket in a sustainable way. Some we help reinvest that money back into their business for a 2X, 3X, or even greater return. Some change their tax residency or become a global citizen by obtaining second passport from tax haven jurisdictions. Others only choose to upgrade their lifestyle and some just to give more to causes they care about.

Novasigma offers you a personal tax consultant backed with an international team of lawyers, accountants and legal solutions which will help you to reduce your personal taxes. Solutions we normally use are tax-residencies and citizenship programs by investing, fully managed onshore & offshore companies/trusts with secured accounts and alternative banking solutions.



  1. Introducing meeting with a Novasigma Tax Consultant: FREE
  • Meeting and brief about your current situation at Novasigma office or Client’s location (or phone meeting)
  • You will give a short brief about your history, current situation and goals to achieve
  • Tax consultant will introduce Novasigma services and process to prepare a tax plan for a client
  • You will decide if you want to proceed preparing a Tax Plan with Novasigma
  1. Preparing a Tax Plan for the first year: from 850€ / per person
  • Preparing KYC, Due Diligence and filling questionnaires (what Client earns, owns, where and how much pays taxes etc)
  • Novasigma’s tax consultant and team of lawyers will search available instruments and solutions for saving taxes
  • Tax consultant will introduce available instruments for reducing personal taxes – 2nd meeting with the Novasigma Tax Consultant Team
  1. Executing the Tax Plan: a quotation from selected services needed  for a case
  • You will choose how much taxes you want to save / which solutions you will choose to reduce your taxation. Novasigma will prepare an invoice from selected services.
  • Novasigma will prepare a task list for a client and Novasigma team members for a following year to complete all tasks needed with a case
  • Novasigma will collect all documents and provide assistance to the client to prepare all needed agreements to proceed with a case
  1. Annual updates: from 500€/year (extra meetings +250€/h)
  • You and your personal tax consultant will schedule a meeting every at least once every year to update the plan for the next year or anytime you will require an additional meeting.
  • After the meeting Novasigma Tax Consultant will prepare an updated Tax Plan to follow

Additional services before executing the Tax Plan:

  • Assistance in KYC or DD process / collecting required materials documentation from the client for preparing a Tax Plan or executing the Tax Plan +60€/h
  • Additional declarations/investigation by Novasigma Tax Consultant about clients situation before executing a Tax Plan +125€/h
  • Lawyer/Legal services before executing a Tax Plan +190-500€/h depending on the Client’s current tax-residency


  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – if you pay personal taxes more than 50.000€/year and we can’t introduce you legal solutions to save taxes more than 20%/year we can return Tax Plan preparation fee if you want so
  • PAY BACK OFFER – up to 10% introducer commission from all Novasigma services the Client has ordered for his/her own company or other introduced company
  • NETWORKING WITH HIGH-NET-WEALTH INDIVIDUALS – Novasigma organizes every year prestige networking events for its Clients; like Formula 1 in Monaco, private yachting in Caribbean and Mediterranean, parties in Marbella, skiing in Zell am See where we you will be invited as Novasigma Client.


  1. Schedule a meeting with Novasigma Tax Consultant
  2. Prepare to give a brief about your current financial situation; incomes, assets and taxation
  3. Meet Novasigma tax consultant. 1st meeting is always FREE OF CHARGE!


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  • Gibraltar, UK – CALL NOW (+350) 54 06 35 53
  • Marbella, Spain – CALL NOW (+34) 69 55 07 220
  • Helsinki, Finland – CALL NOW (+358) 50 55 44 786
  • Tallinn, Estonia – CALL NOW (+372) 58 86 33 68

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