Our client Scan2Move is a world recognized digital inventory list application for mobile devices with the main aim to bring the moving industry into the digital era. It is a well recognized solution by major global moving organizations like IAM and FIDI. The application makes the moving process more secure, smooth and cost-efficient. The solution is born for global use, at the moment supporting 8 languages, which covers 80% of all countries and languages world wide.

Scan2Move share issue 2018
Scan2Move is a digital inventory list application for mobile devices with the main aim to bring the moving industry into the digital era. The application makes the move process more secure, smooth and cost-efficient.


The market size of the international moving industry is huge – approximately USD 200 billion/year, and 12 million moves per year. However, it is still quite an old-fashioned industry including extensive administrative processes and time consuming paper work, and scan2move is the first really serious application to solve the problem comprehensively.

Now you have a real opportunity to take part in to the success story, by investing to the company’s share issue.


Company: SCAN2MOVE B.V. / Amsterdam, Netherlands
Founded: 2015
Team & Founders: Meet the Team
Existing shares: 1.000
Share issue: 334 new shares / EUR 1.000 per share;
After the share issue: i.e. new shares represent 25% of the shares
Exit target: 3 years



Scan2move Investor Presentation Dec 2018



Please also see the following articles of the company and the solution.


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