Novasigma Immigration Services Product Manager will take full responsibility in developing new and existing immigration services for Novasigma with suitable partners and other team members. When creating new services Product Manager will contact potential suppliers and government officials by email and phone and meet with partners/officials face2face at Novasigma office or Partner’s location which can be anywhere in the world. Product Manager prepares all marketing and sales materials for Novasigma web pages, social media channels and Sales Managers who represent these services to clients. Product Manager creates new ways to order services and searches for affiliate and marketing partners. Product Manager has to have good computer skills and up-to-date knowledge of marketing and social media. Product Manager will get fixed success fee from all new services he/she has produced and part of sales commission each time services are sold as long as working for Novasigma. Budget for new product development and marketing will be settled on monthly basis. This position is ideal for persons looking for a part-time employment.

Product Manager will be responsible for following Novasigma Services:

Services have to be available online and in all locations where Novasigma has Sales Managers and Offices


Job title: Product Manager – Immigration services
Type: Part time job
Working hours: Around 2-3h/day or max 60h/month. Work can be done partly outside of business hours.
  • During a trainee period: Costa del Sol
  • After the trainee period: Costa del Sol, Tallinn or Amsterdam office
  • Most of tasks can be done remotely but ideally worker should be located within 1 hour distance from the nearest Novasigma office
  • Development of new and existing immigration services
  • World wide supplier search and recruitment, negotiations and agreements with potential suppliers or workers – traveling to different countries when face2face meeting required
  • Preparing sales and marketing materials from each product
  • Creating landing pages and online shops
  • Preparing advertising campaigns with monthly budget
  • Developing products with monthly budget
  • Assisting Sales Managers with Client cases – Responsible together with sales manager that Novasigma client will get ordered services (department director have to be available every day within working hours)
  • Weekly meetings with other team members
Requirements, Skills and Experience:
  • B2B Negotiation skills
  • Team working skills
  • General knowledge of business consulting, tax planning & investment services
  • Fluent in English, other languages skills are helpful
  • Word, Excel, Google Drive
  • WordPress (publishing articles: copy writing, Image edit, post edit, HTML editor, forms)
  • Mailchimp: newsletters and landing pages
  • Photo editor skills, creating new post/advertising images (Photoshop)
  • Social media marketing & advertising (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Google)
  • SEO (basic understanding)
Salary & Benefits:
  • Target Salary after the trainee period: from development and update tasks around 1.000-1.500€/mo + Product Manager commissions +500€/mo (no limit)
  • Product Manager will get part of sales commission every time a service will be sold
  • Min payment from a part time job: from 600€/mo if all tasks completed
  • Company phone
  • Company laptop
  • Work Desk at beach side office in Calahonda, Costa del Sol (tennis courts and swimming pool available for all team members)
  • Working agreement will be also possible between Novasigma and Product Manager’s own company


  1. You’ll meet all requirements upon
  2. You’re able to visit our office within 2 weeks
  3. You’ve possibility to start working in Costa del Sol, Spain
  4. You’re positive and forward thinking person and ready to join our growing team of professionals!

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