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Novasigma provides business consulting and professional advisory services for corporations and individuals. We have helped hundreds of companies and private people in their business development projects, increasing their networth and getting over difficult situations.

This is how our consulting & professional advisory services work

1. Briefing stage

a) Client will send Novasigma short brief about the case by filling the form provided in the end of this page
b) Novasigma will send the client potentionally additional questions before face2face meeting
c) Our consultant will send you an appointment confirmation with a summary of your case

2. Meeting stage

a) Meeting at your preferred location
b) Getting to know your current situation
c) Defining existing matters
d) Setting up goals and defining tasks to be completed in order to achieve goals
e) Questions and answers
f) Listing open questions to be answered later

3. Action stage

a) After the meeting Novasigma will create and start following the plan put together with the client. Prizing is based on services agreement. Novasigma will create an assignment agreement to be approved by a client.



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