Malta is an extremely attractive jurisdiction to consider having your company set up in or moving your business to. Setting up a business in Malta is a popular choice for owners because of the beneficial and unique tax system, which can offer foreign shareholder’s a possible refund on tax suffered by the company. As an example a company set up in Malta that carries out trading activities could be entitled to a 6/7th refund of the tax paid. The Malta Tax refund system also allows for further refunds, which scale downwards from 6/7th’s on tax suffered on other types of income streams. An added point of interest for a company set up in Malta is that it may also be able to take advantage of a number of double tax treaty agreements that Malta has in place.

Malta is a popular jurisdiction of choice for setting up a company owing to the extremely competitive tax system alongside a number of highly effective double taxation treaties. Malta has a skilled and professional multi lingual work force where English is a national language and Italian, French and Spanish are generally understood. Malta is also part of the EU.

A limited company formation in Malta is a corporate structure that is ideal for allowing business operations, whilst offering certain protection with separation of assets and liabilities from the company’s shareholders.