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Hong Kong offshore company is one of the most stable, tax-efficient corporate structures. Some of the principal features, advantages of a Hong Kong offshore company include:

  • A Hong Kong offshore company is an excellent corporate vehicle to house global corporate profits, thus minimising international taxation;
  • Favourable corporate tax rules make a Hong Kong offshore company the perfect holding company;
  • A Hong Kong offshore company is an excellent medium through which to enter the Chinese market;
  • Hong Kong’s corporate and personal banking system is one of the most secure in the world. Hong Kong has strict client confidentiality and bank secrecy laws and is not a signatory to the Organisation for Economic
  • Cooperation and Development (OECD) tax harmonisation initiative, and so it does not exchange customer information across borders.
Example of "Certificate of Incorporation" in Hong Kong
Example of “Certificate of Incorporation” in Hong Kong


Type of entity: Private Limited
Type of law: Common
Shelf company availability: Yes
Our time to establish a new company 7 days
Min. government fees (excluding taxation) US$320
Corporate Taxation Nil on Foreign profits
Double-tax avoidance treaties: China and 25 other countries – Comprehensive (Corporate and Personal Income Tax). Some other countries – for shipping and aviation
Available special types of company:
  • Limited duration company
  • Public Investment Company
Min. share capital: 1 HK$
Optimal authorized capital (min. state duty): US$1.000
Bearer shares: No
Min. number of directors: 1 (at least one natural person)
Corporate and non-resident directors: Allowed
Location of meetings Anywhere
Requirement to prepare accounts: Yes
Auditing of accounts: Yes
Filing of accounts: Yes
Publicly accessible accounts: No
Requirement to file annual return: Yes
Redomicile a Hong Kong company abroad: No


Step 1 – Approve the name

The Client provides us with proposed company names, documents and information required. Then we check and confirm if the proposed company name is available for registration within one working day.

Company names are subject to the following restrictions:

  • It is not possible to reserve a name
  • It is essential to check that there is no similar or identical name on the register, which would prevent the company being incorporated
  • A name that implies criminal activity or is otherwise contrary to the public interest is prohibited
  • A name that implies royal or government patronage is not acceptable
  • Use of the following words in the name or their foreign language equivalents require consent or a licence: Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Chartered, Co-operative, Imperial, Kaifong, Mass Transit, Municipal, Royal, Savings, Tourist Association, Trust, Trustee, Underground Railway, Bank, Insurance, Assurance, Reinsurance, Fund Management, Asset Management, Investment Fund.
  • The suffix “Limited” is required to denote limited liability
  • The company name should be in English, Chinese or both

You may conduct a company name search free of charge through the Companies Registry’s Cyber Search Centre (www.icris.cr.gov.hk ) or the Company Search Mobile Service (www.mobile-cr.gov.hk )

Step 2 – State the corporate features of your future company

After confirmation of the availability of the proposed name, you fill in the Instruction form. Then we prepare all the incorporation documents, including Articles of Association, appointment of first directors and secretary, notice of registered office, minutes of the first meeting of the Board and application form for business registration certificate. Afterwards we send the incorporation documents to clients for signing. The clients sign the incorporation documents and then return them back to us.

Step 3 – We register your company with the features of your choice

Upon receipt of the duly signed incorporation documents from client we file them to the Companies Registry together with the respective fees for the issue of Certificate of Incorporation. In about 5 working days we receive the Certificate of Incorporation from Companies Registry. Then, we file the following documents to the Companies Registry:

  • Notification of Appointment of First Directors and Secretary
  • Letter of Appointment of First Directors
  • Notice of Consent to Act as Director
  • Notification of Situation of Registered Address
  • Any other documents if appropriate

Finally, we submit the form for application for Business Registration Certificate to the Inland Revenue Department to apply for the Business Registration Certificate with payment of appropriate fee. For applications over the counter, the certificate will be issued within 30 minutes of receipt of properly completed application. For applications by post, the certificate will be issued within 2 working days. After obtaining the Business Registration Certificate from the Inland Revenue Department the whole incorporation process is completed and the whole set of duly filed incorporation documents is delivered to the client.

Incorporation of a new company will take approximately 7 days. Time to Notarise and Apostille all documents takes aproximately 4-5 days. Delivery by DHL takes 3-4 days.

The documents which will be included in the corporate set are as follows:

  • Original of Certificate of Incorporation
  • Original of Business Registration Certificate
  • Copies of Articles of Association
  • One statutory book (members register, directors register and share register)
  • One company chop and one Common Seal (optional)
  • Duplicate copy of documents filed with Companies Registry in relation to the appointment of directors, secretary, location of registered office and one duly completed share certificate for each of the shareholders
  • Apostilled set of corporate documents

Once the documents are ready the order is dispatched to the Client immediately by any courier service.



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