Gap Ghir – Investment Project – Morocco



Cap Ghir is one of the hottest places in Morocco where holiday real estates and resort are being developed at this moment. Our client has a piece of 4117 sqm land which is owned fully by him alone.
Next to this plot a plot of double the size is almost finished and on the right side of the plot a real estate developer has acquired 40 acres of land to build holiday estates. Our client has all the permits and drawing for building the homes on his plot.

In the building plan there is room for 19 Duplex Bungalows with a 117 sqm floor dimension.


The plot is backed by a mountain, which will make sure there will never be land wind on the plot. The view is to the Atlantic Ocean and only a walking boulevard will be in between the plot and the ocean.
Cap Ghir is very close to Agadir, thus easy to reach by aircraft. Between the mountain and the plot a 2 way highway is being built. Cap Ghir has a yearly minimum temperature of 20 degrees C

Size: Asking Price:
1sqm EUR 170
4117sqm EUR 699,890


Since there is a building plan available, the building permit is a matter of weeks to receive. In the building plan there is room for 19 Duplex Bungalows with a 117 sqm floor dimension.
The rest of the plot has been dedicated to a management building, walking ways, swimming pool, trees and plant and parking spaces dedicated to the Bungalow owners. The owner will assist with the permit and the constructors.

The expectation is that the Bungalows will be potentially be able to sell for at least €90.000,00 to €130.000,00 depending on the view.

Taking these potential sales price into account, including the building construction cost, it is estimated your ROI will be at least 50%.





Publishing date: 24.07.2018


If you’re interested you can contact Novasigma for more detailed information. This investment program is part of the Novasigma Nordic office, based in Amsterdam. The owner of the plot is living in Amsterdam as well and from Moroccan origin.


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