Company Formation and Administration services


Company Formation Services

Novasigma assists it´s clients in company formations worldwide. We follow actively legislation, taxation and “doing business – atmosphere” in different jurisdictions.

Our firm provides a comprehensive range of company registration services in more than 25 jurisdictions all over the world. If you are not yet sure where to incorporate please read more about our business consulting and advisory services aiming to determine the best corporate structure for the client.



set up new uk company with novasigma UK & Scotland (EU, OECD) EUR 680 EUR 1.290 ORDER
set up Estonian company with Novasigma Estonia (EU, OECD) EUR 990 EUR 1.490 ORDER
Set up bulgaria company with novasigma Bulgaria (EU) EUR 1.400 EUR 1.950 ORDER
set up montenegro company with novasigma Montenegro EUR 1.390 EUR 1.890 ORDER
setu up Finland company with novasigma Finland (EU, OECD) EUR 1.590 EUR 2.590 ORDER
setu up mauritius company with novasigma Mauritius (AU) EUR 2.500 EUR 5.100 ORDER
set up company with novasigma Georgia EUR 1.600 EUR 3.700 ORDER
set up spain company with novasigma Spain (EU, OECD) EUR 1.900 EUR 2.900 ORDER
Set up Hong Kong company with Novasigma Hong Kong (S.A.R) EUR 1.390 EUR 3.200 ORDER
set up latvia company with novasigma Latvia (EU, OECD) EUR 2.200 EUR 3.200 ORDER
set up belgium company with novasigma Belgium (EU, OECD) EUR 1.950 EUR 2.950 ORDER
how much israel company Israel (OECD) EUR 2.200 EUR 3.200 ORDER
how to set up company in russia with novasigma Russia EUR 1.500 EUR 2.500 ORDER
how much malta company novasigma Malta (EU) EUR 2.200 EUR 3.200 ORDER
hot much germany company set up novasigma Germany (EU, OECD) EUR 2.900 EUR 3.900 ORDER
How much monaco company set up novasigma Monaco EUR 2.600 EUR 3.600 ORDER
how much gibraltar company set up novasigma Gibraltar (EU, OECD) EUR 2.800 EUR 4.690 ORDER
how much seychelles company set up novasigma Seychelles (AU) EUR 2.900 EUR 3.900 ORDER
How much Seychelles company set up novasigma Portugal (EU, OECD) EUR 2.900 EUR 3.900 ORDER
how much norway company set up novasigma Norway (OECD) EUR 3.000 EUR 4.000 ORDER
how much Ras al khaiman company set up novasigma Ras-Al-Khaimah, UAE EUR 4.900 EUR 7.490 ORDER
How much morrocco company set up novasigma Morocco (AU) EUR 3.200 EUR 4.200 ORDER
how much singapore company set up novasigma Singapore EUR 3.000 EUR 4.000 ORDER
How to set up business in Sweden Sweden EUR 2.290 EUR 3.290 ORDER
How to set up netherlands company Netherlands EUR 2.290 EUR 3.290 ORDER
How much Dubai tax Free zone company formation with novasigma Dubai, UAE (Free Zone) EUR 29.650 ORDER

Services available – included services vary depending of jurisdiction:

  • Advising on the preferred jurisdiction, entity type and shareholding structure
  • Drafting of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the composition of the Board of Directors and any other relevant corporate matter
  • Nominee Shareholders / Technical UBOs services available
  • Nominee Directors / Professional director services available
  • Liaising with the competent local authorities in order to ensure the prompt incorporation of the company
  • Prospective clients may choose whether to incorporate a new company or buy an off-the-shelf company, according to their time constraints and specific requirements.
  • Courier service for document dispatch
  • Remote incorporation process available in the most of jurisdictions (face-to-face meeting with Novasigma Agent still required)
  • Ready-made companies available. Please ask a list of names and companies!
  • Company secretaries, nominee shareholders and nominee directors available
  • Registered address service available
  • Assistance in corporate bank account opening available

Company Administration & Secretarial Services

We offer corporate administration and secretarial services in order to ensure that the company is compliant with all the relevant statutory obligations.
We provide corporate administration and secretarial services in order to ensure your company is always compliant. Nominee shareholder and nominee director services are available only in jurisdictions where it is acceptable to have Nominee shareholders and directors for increased privacy. Company secretary or authorized signatory – services are available in those countries where they are required by the law or if company owners wish to have local representative with power of attorney. Our services are available for companies operating in up to 20 jurisdictions.

  • Organizing facilities for directors and shareholders meetings
  • Preparing minutes of directors and shareholders meetings (including the Annual General Meeting)
  • Preparing documentation reflecting changes in the:
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Nominee Directors
  • Nominee Shareholders
  • Company Secretary
  • Registered office
  • Company’s name
  • Authorised and issued capital (to include allotments with premium)
  • Organising the transfer of shares
  • Organising and registering share pledges and other company charges
  • Filing financial statements and annual returns with the Registrar of Companies
  • Filing of all statutory returns with Registrar of Companies
  • Maintaining statutory records and registers of the company
  • Maintaining the common seal of the company in safe custody
  • Handling correspondence with third parties and various authorities
  • Arranging for the translation of documentation by certified translators
  • Arranging notarisation, certification and apostille authentication or legalization of incorporation documents and others
  • Issuing and/or preparing specific Powers of Attorney
  • Signing of contracts and other documents
  • Arranging for legal opinions or other legal work where necessary
  • Coordinating business processes such as audit and tax through associate accountancy firms
  • Undertaking company searches and due diligence requirements
  • Assisting in obtaining any necessary license for a company to perform its business activity (e.g.: investment services; portfolio management)



If you have all information required for incorporation please fill the form below. We will contact you contact you before preparing an invoice.


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