Company Formation and Administration Services


Novasigma offers a comprehensive portfolio of company registration, administration and accounting services in more than 25 jurisdictions. More importantly, the ever-changing tax legislation and business climate in each of those jurisdictions is actively monitored to ensure that clients receive the best possible advice and most suitable corporate structure for their needs.

If you are looking to incorporate then please review our business consulting and advisory services. 

Novasigma are specialist who help entrepreneurs and companies

  • entry and conducting business in foreign jurisdictions and high-growth economies
  • to build a tax efficient and well protected corporate structure often using offshore instruments with trading companies
  • to launch and expand businesses in high margin and special industries like finance, forex and gambling among others.

We normally take on the most complex of cases which require our specialised skill set and our international connections, however, we are always happy to help our clients with basic company formations as well.


set up new uk company with novasigma UK (England, Wales & Scotland) (EU, OECD) 585€ 165€/month
set up montenegro company with novasigma Montenegro 1.090€ 185€/month
set up company with novasigma Georgia 1.490€ 155€/month
how much gibraltar company set up novasigma Gibraltar (EU, OECD) 1.750€ 165€/month
Set up bulgaria company with novasigma Bulgaria (EU) 1.190€ 155€/month
set up Estonian company with Novasigma Estonia (EU, OECD) 975€ 175€/month
setu up Finland company with novasigma Finland (EU, OECD) 1.190€ 195€/month
setu up mauritius company with novasigma Mauritius (AU) 2.290€ 285€/month
set up spain company with novasigma Spain (EU, OECD) 1.690€ 260€/month
Set up Hong Kong company with Novasigma Hong Kong (S.A.R) 1.690€ 175€/month
set up latvia company with novasigma Latvia (EU, OECD) 1.280€ 195€/month
set up belgium company with novasigma Belgium (EU, OECD) 1.650€ 290€/month
how to set up company in russia with novasigma Russia 1.290€ 210€/month
how much malta company novasigma Malta (EU) 1.750€ 195€/month
hot much germany company set up novasigma Germany (EU, OECD) 3.950€ 260€/month
how much seychelles company set up novasigma Seychelles (AU) 1.190€ 125€/month
How much Seychelles company set up novasigma Portugal (EU, OECD) 1.100€ 195€/month
how much norway company set up novasigma Norway (OECD) 3.000€ 380€/month
how much Ras al khaiman company set up novasigma Ras-Al-Khaimah, UAE 4.900€ 225€/month
How much morrocco company set up novasigma Morocco (AU) 950€ 175€/month
how much singapore company set up novasigma Singapore 1.950€ 320€/month
How to set up business in Sweden Sweden 1.290€ 235€/month
How to set up netherlands company Netherlands 2.250€ 285€/month
How much Dubai tax Free zone company formation with novasigma Dubai, UAE (Free Zone) 19.500€ 1.190€/month
How much monaco company set up novasigma Monaco PUBLISHED SOON PUBLISHED SOON
how much israel company Israel (OECD) PUBLISHED SOON PUBLISHED SOON


  • Preparing required legal and incorporation documents with Novasigma
    • KYC -process & assistance with certification
    • Company name (+search)
    • Minutes of directors and shareholders
    • Share capital & classes
    • Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • POA(s)
  • Company formation with Novasigma lawyer and local registered agent
  • Local registration / government fees for first year
  • Certified company documents
  • Appointment of Novasigma secretary and accountant to work with company management

Extra fee may apply in case of… (please ask quotation)

  • Business consultation, legal/tax advisory or research required before incorporation
  • More than 1 founder or founder is a legal entity
  • More than 1 director
  • Resident director or company representative required before incorporation
  • Nominee or “technical” director/shareholder required before registration
  • Company documents with Apostille
  • Assistance in “start bank account” opening (to pay share capital)
  • Free zone or Special license company registration (e.g. Financial services, gambling…)
  • Public Limited Company registration
  • Shelf company with management and bank account required


  • Local registered address service
  • Assistance in banking relations, payment services and required insurances
  • Basic bookkeeping, VAT, accounting and payroll services up to 2-3 h/month
  • Drafting agreements and minutes of meetings
  • Maintaining statutory records and registers of the company
  • Handling correspondence with third parties and various authorities
  • Assistance in everyday business operations and problem solving by Novasigma consultants
  • Annual renewals and declarations by law

Extra fee may apply in case of…

  • Physical office address required
  • Novasigma will introduce the Client for the cooperating bank or financial services institution / Bank account opening by Novasigma
  • Monthly accounting and bookkeeping will require more than 3h/month, company will meet audit requirements, local accounting software required
  • Changes in company or Apostille (notary and legal fees), Due Diligence or arrangement of share issues
  • Assisting in obtaining any necessary license for a company to perform its business activity (e.g.: investment services; portfolio management)
  • Factoring, funding or debt collection services required
  • Recommendation letters, certification of documents by Novasigma lawyers
  • Advanced tax planning for a company or shareholders
  • Foreign Branch registration required



  • Novasigma helps its clients in international business and to entry in new markets
    Business Consulting - Research - Problem Solving
  • Corporate Law Services
  • Protect your immaterial property and save in taxes
    Intellectual Property Structures
  • set up tax free company with novasigma
    Low and Tax Free Companies
  • Doing business with Rental company
  • SEZ_special_economic_zones
    Special Economic Zones




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