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The Belgium BVBA (Besloten Vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid) is the most employed type of company in Belgium. The Belgium BVBA is the equivalent of the German GmbH and the American limited liability company and most commonly used for small and medium businesses.

Company incorporation in Belgium is an easy process which doesn’t take longer than one week if all the procedures are respected and all the documents (translated in French or accompanied by a French translation or translated into Dutch or accompanied by a Dutch translation, depending on the area where the business is settled) are properly submitted. A registered office or a virtual office is mandatory for setting up a company in Belgium.


Entity type and suffix: Limited liability company, BVBA
Shareholders/Founders: at least 1 person or legal entity, foreign entities accepted
– Documents Copy of I.D. document of a founding partner(s)
Directors: at least 1 natural person, non-resident directors accepted
– Documents Copy of I.D. document of a person to be registered as a director
Share Capital: The minimum share capital requirement is 18.500 €..
Residency: An entity generally is considered a resident of the EU if it is registered or has it’s management and control in the EU.
Corporate tax: 20 – 25%
VAT: The standard rate of VAT is 21%. A reduced rate of 6% is levied on the supply of certain goods and services.
Annual financial report: Yes
Registration address: Yes, can be virtual
A Company bank account: Company bank accounts can be opened at any bank, after establishment of the company.

2. COMPANY FORMATION from 1.950€ (vat 0%)


  • Establishment of a company by an individual entity
  • Limited liability company (BVBA) registration in Belgium with minimum initial capital of 18.5K€ of which 60% needs to be deposit first
    • Assistance for company founders in the Belgium
    • Remote company registration available under certain conditions
  • Company documents available in digital format after registration
  • Registration address in Belgium for the first year
  • Opening of corporate Start Bank account by shareholder
    • Open a bank account with Technical UBO +750€


  • Business & tax advisory before company formation: doing business in Belgium + 180€/h
  • Appointment of a nominee director of your newly established Belgium company +1000€ annually
  • Appointment of a technical UBO before company registration +250€/mo
  • Accounting and bookkeeping service for the company from 600€/year + 59€/hour
  • Registration address and business support service after the first year +1950€/y
  • Company formation by legal entity or 2+ founders/directors +350€/entity
  • Remote company registration with POA +400€
  • EORI registration in Belgium  +250€
  • VAT registration +250€


  1. Fill and send the order form below or schedule a meeting with Novasigma
  2. Novasigma will contact you and send you an invoice for a prepayment.
  3. Novasigma will send you a questionnaire about proposed business, shareholders and directors
  4. Send all required documents about shareholders and directors
  5. Schedule time and date for a registration and bank account opening in Netherlands OR send a notarized POA with Apostille (in case of remote company registration)
  6. The company will be registered normally within 5-8 business days
  7. Activate a bank account and hire an accountant


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In cases KYC or/and Due Diligence process required Novasigma might require a personal meeting with all its new clients before proceeding any assignment


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